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rhnewcreature August 18, 2022
"I travel..ALOT. this was one of the nicest and most accommodating hotels I've ever stayed at. The staff were warm and friendly. The bed was like Grandma's feather bed. The most excellent part however is that they didn't make a major stink about the two little dogs I travel with. Nor did they force me to take them with me when I went out. I really enjoyed my stay here. Thank you all."
Ricky Stewart June 12, 2022
"Everything went smoothly great Customer Service, Decor, Facilities, Staff, and breakfast!!"
Alan Craig November 2, 2021
"Best room ever"
Ronald Seute August 31, 2021
"Beautiful motel and really comfortable"
Adrienne Wedel August 22, 2021
"What a great place! It's clean, very comfortable, and a great staff. We needed extra accommodations for my handicapped dad and everyone was great with facilitating us. Thanks so much!"
Angel Rice July 18, 2021
"Nice clean rooms. Friendly staff."